1841 Martin Kundig visited 15 Catholic families in Saginaw.

1842 A priest from Flint visited here irregularly.

1842-1851 Fr. H.I.H. Shutzes was assigned to Bay City, which included covering Saginaw. He walked or skated the river to come to celebrate Mass.

1851 Catholics purchased a carpentry shop to use as a gathering lace. Fr. Van der bom encouraged a group of St. Mary’s parishioners to build a new church in the area of 6th and Sears Streets.

1872 St. Joseph Church was born.

1873-1914 For the September 7th dedication a large group processed from St. Mary’s. 

Fr. Richard Sweeny, the first pastor, arrived in October. His pastorate spanned 41 years.

A two story school building was built on Third & Potter St.: later it moved to the old hall on Sears St.

1885 Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids came to take chard of St. Joseph school. They were the first sisters in the Saginaw area. A convent, a first for Saginaw, was erected on Seventh and Sears. Sister M. Gabriel, the first principal and superior, was followed by a host of dedicated women who became part of the mainstream of life at St. Joseph.

1915-1916 Fr. Kyran J. Whalen was pastor.
The school was expanded.

1916-1924 Fr. Thomas Whalen the next pastor (brother to Fr. Kyran Whalen) remained here until his death in 1924.

1919 A new church was build around the old one.

1924-1933 Fr. James Malone become pastor.

1930 The Damas de Guadalupe came under the direction of Fr. Joseph Munoz. Caballeros de Guadalupe were under Fr. James Hickey ( Elevated to Cardinal Hickey in 1988).

1933-1944 Fr. Constantine A. Skowronski served at St. Joseph as pastor for 11 years. He cleared the parish of all debt. St. Joseph became one of the outstanding schools in the diocese.

1944-1955 Mrgr. Harold J. Bolton as pastor brought a reawakening to St. Joseph.

1947 The sanctuary of the church was retitled

Total renovation at the convent was done and the chapel was also added.

The Guadalupe Center, a health clinic established for migrants, was opened. The center was sponsored by the League of Catholic Women and supervised by the mission Sisters of Cleveland. Over 500 babies were delivered.

1948 St. Joseph Federal Credit Union was housed at the Mission Sisters home at 932 N. 7th St.

1955-1965 Fr. Theodore LaMarre became pastor.
He was instrumental in helping to form the Human Relations Department of the Community Affairs.

1967 The Credit Union moved to 936 N. 6th St. at first it was restricted to St. Joseph members.

1968 The interior of the church was cleaned and painted. Old pews were replaced with used ones from Blessed Sacrament Church in Midland. When the pews were taken out it was discovered that a new floor was needed. It was a accomplished in one day. Ceiling flood lights were installed. The old hall on Sears was remodeled: the ceiling was redone and straightened and a number of small rooms were converted into one, large cafeteria and general meeting room.

1970 Delta College classes were brought into the Center.

The Credit Union was made into a community Credit Union.

1971 In June, St. Joseph High School closed, but the sisters continued the night school.

The grade school remained open.

1971-1975 Fr. Carl Fhring, Capuchin, pastor, and Fr. William Frigo, Capuchin arrived. The Mexican cultural expression became more enriched. La Rondalla de San Jose led the congregation in singing at the Spanish Liturgies: St. Joan Mary Williams, O.P. was their director.

The following organizations were formed: Men’s Club for men of the parish, and several for our women: Daughter’s of Isadora, Damas de Guadalupe (1930), Ladies of St. Joseph, St. Joseph Alter Society, Caballeros de Guadalupe and St. Joseph Women’s Club.

1975-1984 Fr. Mark Pesch, Capuchin served as pastor.

Alternative education was established.

1976-1977 The elementary school was made into a Parish Center. The convent received a white alumni coat.

1977 La Rondalla published the first Spanish recoding of religious cultural experiences (Mark Records)

1976-1978 St. Joseph Credit Union land and building were purchased by the parish and educational center.

1978 March 3rd the old parish hall, located on the land across from the
convent, burned.

1980 The burnt-out building was demolished: the space provided
extended parking.

La Rondalla celebrated its 10th anniversary.

1981-1982 Fr. Loran Miller, Capuchin came with his skills of maintenance
land construction. The convent and rectory were insulated. A
Thrift Shop was developed in the Credit Union building.

1982-1984 The parish hall and part of the church received a new road. The church received a handicap ramp and restrooms.

Sisters Thomas Edward and Jordan Marie were still tutoring and teaching at various sites. This ministry was terminated when the block funding was cancelled in 1988.

1984-1985 Fr. Jenneth Steward, Capuchin pastor, Fr. Daniel Anholzer, Capuchin, and Brother Stee Flottmeyer, Capuchin became the new parish leaders.

1985-2002 Fr. Dan Anholzer, Capuchin became pastor and ushered in an exciting new era – Rainbow Parish of Love.

1987 This year marked the 60th anniversary of the novena to Our Lady
of Guadalupe at St. Joseph.

The church was renovated with: a new roof, boiler, tuck point,
paint, carpeting, new altar, sanctuary platform, furniture,
reupholstered pews and repositioned and a new 6th Street entrance.

1989 A new statue of St. Joseph was n place for March 19th, the parish
patron saint’s feast. A new baby grand piano graced the choir area.
Oct. 1997 1st meeting of Eucharistic ministers, lectors and the youth of the

Nov. 1997 2nd meeting – talked about the strengths and weakness of the

Dec. 1997 3rd meeting – large group broke into small groups to plan for our
future. When the groups came back they all talked of a new

Jan 2000 4th meeting – a new church building committee was formed. A
parish survey supported building a new church.

July 2001 Ceremonial ground breaking

May 28, 2002 Actual ground breaking for the new church

June 10, 2002 The Rectory and garage were demolished.

Oct. 14, 2002 The Convent came down.

June 26, 2002 Fr. Daniel Anholzer, Capuchin was elected into the Provincial
leadership for the Capuchin Order.

Aug. 2002 Fr. Leo Petrimouix, Capuchin, pastor and Br. Kent Bauer,
Capuchin came to continue directing and supporting our efforts.

April 6, 2003 Dedication of the NEW CHURCH

July 2003 Fr. Ramiro Trejo, Capuchin, came to serve as Sacramental
Minister and Br. Kent Bauer continued to serve St. Joseph now as,
Pastoral Administrator.

May 2009 Continuing to build unity and peace among not only the parish community but the neighborhood as well.

August 2009 Fr. Frank Voris, OFM, Capuchin is the current pastor.